Appetizers land and sea: recipes and meaning


Collection of recipes for land and sea appetizers to be prepared in a short time, with detailed description of the preparation process, meaning of appetizer.

Meaning appetizer

By definition, an appetizer is the first course of a lunch or dinner which can be composed of various types of food to be served in moderate quantities just to stop the stomach, as is said in these cases, pending the next courses.

The appetizer is the antechamber of the dishes that will be brought to the table later and for this reason it must be well chosen considering what comes next.

The combinations that offer quick and easy appetizers are many and can be adapted with minimum precautions to any situation.

Tradition and personalization are the keys to a successful appetizer with a touch of originality.

Among the most common types of appetizers we find fish appetizer, also commonly called seafood appetizer, a tasty appetizer to be served preferably hot, often including shrimp.

The appetizers with puff pastry enriched with olives, wurstell, mozzarella and cooked ham are also widely used, for example in the case of quiche.

A separate case is represented by the Tuscan appetizer based on sliced ​​bread, olive oil to make the fettunta and mixed cold cuts.

This section of the site presents a collection of quick easy appetizers for all tastes, easy to prepare and serve.

The recipes are all complete with details regarding the preparation, with photos, a list of the necessary ingredients and the required cooking times.

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