Beautiful Christmas greetings: short Christmas phrases


Phrases for original Christmas greetings, short Christmas quotes, beautiful aphorisms and religious thoughts related to the birth of the Baby Jesus, to say or write to loved ones.

Short Christmas phrases

- On the occasion of this Christmas, in front of the crib I will ask the Child Jesus to give you peace, love and serenity.

- There are no strangers on Christmas Eve. (Mildred Cram)

- I've always thought of Christmas as a good time. A kind, charitable, pleasant moment dedicated to forgiveness. The only moment I know, in the long year, when men and women seem to freely and freely open their hearts, usually closed. (Charles Dickens)

- There is no ideal Christmas; there is only Christmas that you decide to live as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions. (Bill McKibben)

- Happy Christmas holidays and best wishes for joy and peace.

- Christmas will not be Christmas without gifts. (Louisa May Alcott)

- I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mum took me to see him at the department stores and he asked me for an autograph. (Shirley Temple)

- Christmas is not so much about opening gifts as opening our hearts. (Janice Maeditere)

- A tree decorated with greetings ... and a bright star on your way in this Holy Christmas.

- Christmas: special day dedicated to the exchange of gifts, to gluttony, to drunkenness, to the most melancholy sentimentality, to general boredom and domestic virtues. (Ambroise Bierce)

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- Until we make Christmas an opportunity to share our good feelings, all the Alaskan snow won't be enough to whiten it. (Bing Crosby)

- Christmas is a day of memories and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends. (Margaret Thatcher)

- With the hope that Holy Christmas will bring you, among the gifts under the tree, infinite serenity. Merry Christmas.

- Christmas is the day of joy and charity. May God make you rich in both. (Phillips Brooks)

- It is Christmas every time you smile at a brother and hold out his hand ... It is Christmas every time you humbly recognize your limits and your weakness. It is Christmas every time you allow the Lord to be born again to give it to others. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

- The only true blind man at Christmas is someone who does not have Christmas in his heart. (Helen Adams Keller)

- I am particularly close to you on this Christmas, in which I feel even more strongly the warmth and comfort of your dear friendship.

- Humanity is a large and immense family ... We find proof of this by what we feel in our hearts at Christmas. (Pope John XXIII)

- I heard the bells on Christmas day; their old familiar song, and sweet and wild the word of peace repeated on earth, good will to men! (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

- Peace will come to earth to stay when we live Christmas every day. (Helen Steiner Rice)

- It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. (W. T. Ellis)

- My idea about Christmas, old or modern, is very simple: to love others. Think about it for a moment, why do we have to wait for Christmas to start? (Bob Hope)

- I followed the comet star and guided me to you. How much light! but in comparison to yours also the star seems a light. Merry Christmas.

- The feast of Christmas gives a Christian sense to the succession of events and to human feelings, projects, hopes, and allows you to trace in this rhythmic and apparently mechanical flow of time, not only the trends of a human wandering, but also the signs, proofs and appeals of Providence and divine Goodness. (John Paul II)

- It is Christmas Eve. If the time has passed when miracles happened, there is at least one magical day left where anything can happen. (Jostein Gaarder)

- The real message of Christmas is that we are all never alone. (Taylor Caldwell)

- Memorable moments, eat colossal, wine in rivers. This is the wish for all of you! Merry Christmas.

- The ideal Christmas gift is money. The only problem is that you can't ask. (Bill Vaughan)

- During Christmas we are reminded of our purpose, which is to deprive ourselves of our life for love. (Abbè Pierre)

- Christmas comes to teach us how to find the joy of giving happiness and the joy of being kind. (Gertrude Tooley Buckingham)

Original Christmas greetings

- Christmas has arrived! I wish you to live serenely every moment of this splendid party which rekindles the desire to share and give.

- Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas. (Dale Evans)

- Our hearts are tender with the memories of childhood and the love of loved ones, and we are better all year round to have become children in spirit again during the Christmas period. (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

- Christmas is not an eternal event, but a piece of home that everyone carries in their hearts. (Freya Stark)

- God never gives us a gift that we are unable to receive. If he gives us a Christmas present, it is because we have the ability to understand and receive it. (Pope francesco)

- Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a mood. (Mary Ellen Chase)

- The joyful sound of the bells announces the birth of Our Lord Jesus and turned to him we wish you much good and happiness for you. Merry Christmas.

- Christmas is that time of year when people go down to the family shelter. (Byrn Rogers)

- From a purely commercial point of view, if Christmas didn't exist, it would have to be invented. (Katharine Whitehorn)

- Christmas is a time when you become nostalgic even when you are at home. (Carol Nelson)

- I send you my warmest wishes on this cold Christmas. Merry Christmas.

- Christmas is love in action. Whenever we love, every time we give is Christmas. (Dale Evans Rogers)

- May you have the joy of Christmas, which is hope; The spirit of Christmas, which is peace; The heart of Christmas, which is love. (Ada V. Hendricks)

- Christmas is the day that keeps the whole time together. (Alexander Smith)

- In a few days it is Christmas and I am very happy also because I was good and therefore I want a beautiful gift hello best wishes to all.

- Christmas is the disneyification of Christianity. (Don Cupitt)

- Dear, dear Christmas, you have the power to lead us back to the illusions of childhood, that you remind the old man of the pleasures of his youth, that you bring the traveler and the sailor back to his hearth from a thousand miles away, among the quiet walls of his house! (Charles Dickens)

- Christmas moves a magic wand on the world and behold, everything is sweeter and more beautiful. (Norman Vincent Peale)

- Even if we haven't seen each other for a long time, memories can't be erased, you are often in our thoughts and we wish you a fantastic Christmas from the heart.

- Christmas is the moment when everyone wants their forgotten past and their remembered present. (Phyllis Diller)

- Santa Claus had a brilliant idea: go to see people once a year! (Victor Borge)

- Christmas is not a period or a season, but a state of mind. It must bring peace and good intentions among the people, being full of mercy means having the true Christmas spirit. If we think about these things, the Savior will be reborn within us and the ray of a star will shine upon us, which will bring a glimmer of hope to the world. (Calvin Coolidge)

- Between the night of 24 and 25, I would like to find a smile under the tree, that smile that I will never forget, that made me dream and that will make me dream ... Merry Christmas my dear love, I will always carry you in my heart.

- Christmas is necessary. There must be at least one day of the year to remind us that we are here for something other than ourselves. (Eric Sevareid)

- At Christmas they are all better. It is the before and after that worries me. (Lucy van Pelt)

- Christmas is the sweetest and prettiest holiday of the year that passes and with all this, when he speaks, his voice still has great power. (William John Cameron)

- The cold snow, the hawthorn stings, the embrace of the newborn Lord warms us and comforts us in the pains of the journey. Merry Christmas.

- Christmas is a smile from heaven, it is joy in the heart, it is discovering that not only in December does Christmas shine in our hearts. (Stephen Littleword)

- I wish I could put the spirit of Christmas inside a jar and be able to take it out month by month, little by little. (Harlan Miller)

- At Christmas all roads lead home. (Marjorie Holmes)

Beautiful Christmas greetings

- Once I just thanked Santa for a little money and some biscuits. Now I thank him for the stars and the faces on the street, and the wine and the great sea. (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

- Christmas is forever, not just for a day, loving, sharing, giving are not to be put aside like bells, lights and silver threads in some box on a shelf. The good you do for others is the good you do to yourself. (Norman Brooks)

- A Christmas candle is a beautiful thing; It makes no noise, but gently offers itself. (Eva Logue)

- Merry Christmas to you too my sweet and only friend. I am not good at words but I hope that in fact it can show you how precious you are to me. Merry Christmas.

- A good conscience is a perpetual Christmas. (Benjamin Franklin)

- Christmas is the only time of year when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ. (Nancy Cartwright)

- I am truly convinced that if we continue to tell the Christmas story, singing Christmas songs, and living the spirit of Christmas, we are able to bring joy and happiness and peace to this world. (Norman Vincent Peale)

- Some suggestions for a Christmas present: forgiveness for your enemy, tolerance for your opponent, your heart for your friend, good service for your customer. Charity for all and a good example for children. Respect for yourself. (Oren Arnold)

- Christmas is blessed because it involves the whole world in a great feeling of love. (Hamilton Mabie Wright)

- Christmas is the sweet season in which we must ignite the fire of hospitality and the extraordinary flame of charity in our hearts. (Washington Irving)

- Are you willing to believe that love is the strongest thing in the world - stronger than hatred, stronger than evil, stronger than death - and that the blessed life that was born in Bethlehem nineteen hundred years ago is the image of brightness of Eternal Love? Then you can celebrate Christmas. (Henry van Dyke)

- Christmas always gives a little fairy tale. I wish you these parties are full of magical surprises.

- If nobody is going to send me gifts for Christmas this year, don't worry. Just tell me where you live and I will come and get them by myself. (Henny Youngman)

- Christmas will always exist on condition that we keep heart in heart and hand in hand. (Aeolita Dr. Seuss)

- If Christmas didn't already exist, man would have to invent it. there must be at least one day a year to remind us that we are on this earth for something else besides our general obstinacy. (Eric Sevareid)

- Even as an adult I find it difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve. The excitement of Christmas is a powerful caffeine, no matter your age. (Carrie Latet)

- If I were a philosopher, I would have to write a toy philosophy, to show that in life you don't have to take anything else seriously and that Christmas day in the company of children is one of the very few occasions when men become completely alive. (Robert Lynd)

- Christmas should be wood that burns in the fireplace, the scent of pine and wine, good talk, good memories and renewed friendships. But ... if this is missing, love will suffice. (Jesse O'Neill)

- Remember: if you can't find Christmas in your heart, you won't be able to find it under a tree. (Charlotte Carpenter)

- I wish you to discover the deeper meaning of Christmas, hoping that it will give you peace of mind and the desire to believe in a rebirth.

- What I like about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with the present. (Don Marquis)

- The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped in itself. (Burton Hillis)

- How many celebrate Christ's birthday! And how few follow his precepts! It is easier to celebrate holidays than to respect the commandments. (Benjamin Franklin)

- Raise your hand, divine Child, and bless these little friends of yours, bless the children of all the earth! (Pope John Paul II)

- For the seventh year in a row my mother-in-law came to us at Christmas. This year we have decided to change. We will let you in. (Les Dawson)

- Memories of an old-fashioned Christmas are hard to forget. (Hugh Downs)

- I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it with me all year round. (Charles Dickens)

- Merry Christmas for everything you want to find under the tree, for every smile that will make you feel good, for every warm hug that will warm your heart ... auguroni.

- There is nothing sadder than waking up on Christmas morning and discovering that you are not a child. (Erma Bombeck)

- Above the roof that opens wide black, the snow flakes equal. Angels in white tunic fall to the flocks: it's Christmas !. (Theophile Gautier)

- Don't worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of a child they are all 10 meters tall. (Larry Wilde)

Thoughts on Christmas

Since religious Christmas phrases are one of the most ancient customs to pronounce the most suitable words in this circumstance, you can find Christmas greeting phrases of all kinds, from funny Christmas phrases, to wish happy holidays while also having fun, to Christmas greeting phrases and New Year to combine in one sentence the expression of a sentiment valid for all the festivities of this period, or witty Christmas phrases to make people laugh a little in the period that most of all in the year brings together relatives and friends.

The phrases of wishes for a merry Christmas are widely used during the Christmas period to exchange simple greetings or even to accompany gifts to bring as gifts to children and other loved ones.

Christmas represents the birth of the Child Jesus, divinely conceived as a son by the Immaculate Conception Virgin Mary, and is celebrated on December 25 of each year.

Term deriving from Latin literally has the meaning of Christmas or relating to birth. In the Roman calendar the term Natalis indicated many holidays, including the Natalis Romae of April 21, with which the birth of Rome was commemorated, the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, dedicated to the birth of the Sun, which introduced by the emperor Aureliano in 273 AD, was gradually replaced during the third century by the typical recurrence of the Christian religion.

Christmas is often preceded by the adjective Most Holy to underline even more its importance in the life of faith of believers.

In the peoples it is the most felt traditional festival, not only from a religious point of view, but also from an emotional one, also characterized by the gathering of families to celebrate the birth of Christ the Savior of the world, also exchanging gifts with the heart.

Merry Christmas phrases said with great sincerity can also bring a great deal of happiness to everyone and especially to lonely people.

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