Birthday greetings: 99 special phrases


Phrases and aphorisms happy birthday wishes, nice thoughts and quotes to be addressed to those who are respectively 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 and 100 years old and any other age, including children.

Happy birthday aphorisms

- For your magnificent ... years, best wishes!

- This day is for you / Her a moment of true joy and happiness. With the most sincere wishes.

- We are close to you with all our affection.

- This thought / bring you our best wishes for your / your birthday.

- May you live all the days of your life. (Jonathan Swift)

- For a woman like you, one year more is only to make you more beautiful and charming. One-hundred of these days!

- I want to tell you that you have always been a special person for me and for this you will be forever in my heart. Happy birthday!

- A small gift for a great day.

- I love you! May all your wishes come true on this day when you celebrate one more year. Happy birthday!

- Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop asking questions. (Albert Einstein)

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- Nobody is as old as those who survived the enthusiasm. (Henry David Thoreau)

- Best wishes for a bright future, filled with stars, in an ocean of serenity.

- Do not celebrate the passing time, but spend your time celebrating happily. Happy birthday!

- For the world you can only be a person, but for a person you can be the world. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

- Do you know why your birthday is more special for me than for you? Because you are the person I love most to celebrate in the world. Happy birthday!

- Wise is the one who treasures past years and who counts on future ones. Hope you can have many in front of you.

- At 15 you want to please; at 20, you must like it; at 40, you can like it; but it's not until 30 that you know how to please. (Jean-Gabriel Domergue)

- You still have a long way to go. Follow it with our best wishes.

- Despite this birthday, the years don't go by for you.

- Wishes for this important day: a date that happily marks the passage of your life.

Happy birthday greeting phrases

- You can be splendid at thirty, fascinating at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life. (Coco Chanel)

- You're like good wine: the older you get, the better.

- Happy birthday, I wish you to be able to fulfill every dream in your life, remember that you could still have another 99 years to make it. (Anonymous)

- Happy birthday and remember that you only live the time you love. (Claude Adrien Helvetius)

- Many kilometers separate me from you, but my thought is always present and close: Happy Birthday.

- I always mark this date on the calendar with a heart: Best wishes, you will be breathless.

- Happy birthday and remember that you only live the time you love. (Claude Adrien Helvetius)

- I know it may sound like a trivial phrase .... but I wish you a world of happiness for your eighteenth birthday !!!!! I hope it's an unforgettable day .. I love you.

- Count your age from friends, not from years. Count your life with smiles, not with tears. (John Lennon)

- For the world you can only be a person, but for a person you can be the world. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

- As usual, you want everything for yourself ... In one day only Birthday and Name day ... Selfish!

- When you are twenty years old, you think you have solved the riddle of the world; at thirty, we begin to reflect on it, and at forty, we discover that it is insoluble. (August Strindberg)

- Happy birthday. It is wonderful to be young, beautiful and overflowing with the desire to do. Best wishes!

- Happy Birthday wishes ... you are getting old ... have fun as long as you can!

- To celebrate your birthday I decided to fly to the Caribbean. Could you please think of watering my plants when they are not there? Thanks and happy birthday!

- An ocean of wishes for your 18th birthday ...

- You don't stop laughing as you get older, you get older when you stop laughing. (George Bernard Shaw)

- Can you still blow on all the candles this year or do I have to phone the firefighters? Happy birthday!

- You have finally come of age ... We were tired of being you drivers! Happy birthday!

- A small gift for a great day.

Happy Birthday

- This flower to celebrate with joy the freshest and most fragrant bud in the world.

- Did you think I'd forgotten? Happy birthday.

- You are older today than you have ever been, and younger than you will ever be. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

- One is the most beautiful child in the world, one is his place in the merry-go-round, one is the love of mom and dad, one is the year he is already making.

- At twenty years of age, will reigns; at thirty, wit; and forty, the judgment. (Benjamin Franklin)

- How old are you? Today there are three, you will tell me. You will proudly lift three fingers, and my best wishes are for a lifetime.

- For the two years of Filippo Due per mille the wishes of the grandparents.

- To Marco, who year after year becomes more and more dear and more beautiful, sweet wishes for his fourth, fifth, sixth ... birthday.

- In our interior we are always the same age. (Gertrude Stein)

- You have given us 10 years of joy and vitality: on the occasion of your birthday, the wish is that you can continue to distribute these precious gifts to those around you.

- Instead of counting the candles, start making your wish list. Happy birthday!

- It's not the years that count in life, it's the life you put in those years. (Abraham Lincoln)

- Don't be upset about having an extra year, instead think that you are not as old as you will be next year with an additional year added! Happy Birthday!

- I am close to you in celebrating your birthday, expressing the wish that the future will satisfy your every rosy expectation.

- Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who is able to maintain the ability to see beauty will never get old. (Franz Kafka)

- A hurray for youth and its vitality, which you represent so well on the day of your tenth birthday, with the wish of every good for the future.

- You were born original, don't die a copy. (John Mason)

- You who are in your first year of life today, may the light of the Lord illuminate you and protect you.

- Don't worry if the candles are numerous. I just alerted the firefighters to put them out!

- Let me tell you today how much I love you, how much you have always been for me, how you have enriched my life. You cannot measure what you mean. It means the source in a desert, the flowering tree in a wild terrain ... (Herman Hesse)

Thoughts on the birthday

Assorted birthday phrases help to best accompany what our gift should be as the birthday represents the completion of an additional year of life marked by the day corresponding to the date on which a particular person was born.

Some types of birthdays are considered more special than others because they mark the achievement of that number of years which testifies to various degrees of age among which the most traditional are those for the first, tenth, eighteenth, fortieth and hundredth years.

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