Hainan (China): what to see and do on the island


What to see in Hainan, an itinerary to discover the Chinese island where it hardly ever rains, characterized by paradisiacal beaches and sea.

Tourist information

In the South China Sea is the island of Hainan, belonging to China and with the capital Haikou, which is an attractive tourist destination for those who prefer beach holidays.

The island, mainly mountainous, is covered with lush forests and has a tropical climate.

Hainan, also known as Qiong island, is of volcanic origin, in the inner part the vegetation is very dense and subtropical.

The climate is mild all year round with temperatures around 24 ° C., rainfall is scarce.

What see

At its southern end stands the city of Sanya, which is a very attractive tourist destination, with beautiful and white beaches of fine sand.

Yalong Bay, on the Sanya coast, about 25 km away. from the city center, it is a destination not to be missed, for the beautiful beach, the pleasant temperature of the sea water, ideal for snorkelling or diving.

Here are some of the most prestigious hotel chains.

What to do

In the south-eastern part of Hainan, the city of Boao, located at the meeting point of three rivers, has been transformed from a fishing village into a more modern center of the island.

Furthermore, immersed in paradisiacal natural scenarios, there are many golf courses on the island, which attract fans of this sport.

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