Lake Constance: what to see between towns and islands


What to see on Lake Constance, an itinerary including the main places of interest, including islands and towns, as well as bicycle rides and water sports to practice.

Tourism Lake Constance

Enclosed between Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Lake Constance is an inviting tourist destination, as it offers various possibilities for pleasantly spending a holiday.

The gently hilly landscape surrounds the shores of this large lake of glacial origin, where attractive towns rise.

Mainau Island is characterized by beautiful flowers, plants, woods and well-kept gardens, which surround the baroque castle of Count Lennart Bernadotte.

The Butterfly House is worth a visit, where you can see numerous specimens of exotic butterflies.

On the Island of Reichenau, belonging to the municipal area of ​​Reichenau in the district of Constance, a Benedictine monastery was founded in 724 which exerted a great spiritual, intellectual and artistic influence in Europe.

Of the large monastic complex remain the Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and San Marco, the Church of San Giorgio and the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Lindau Island, reachable via a bridge, is appreciated for its characteristic historic center.

Friedrichshafen is a town located on the northern German shore of Lake Constance, famous for the Zeppelin museum, as it was the seat of the Zeppelin airship factory in the early twentieth century.

Meersburg is one of the most picturesque locations overlooking Lake Constance in Germanic territory.

It is characterized by a delightful historic center that slopes down to the lake, formed by a low and a high part, connected to each other by steep stairways, medieval alleys and enchanting panoramic terraces.

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The two castles, one of which is very old and one newer, dating back to the eighteenth century, give the town a very striking appearance.

Uberlingen, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Constance, is a walled medieval town.

To visit the late Gothic Church and the Town Hall.

In the surroundings of Überlingen is Birnau, home to a Cistercian sanctuary built by Peter Thumb.

The interior decoration of the sanctuary is in Rococo style, the result of the collaboration between the sculptor and plasterer J. A. Feichtmayr and the painter B. Götz.

Constanta, the largest city on the lake, is definitely worth visiting.

In Wasserburg, a lovely town located on a peninsula on the eastern shore of Lake Constance, the Church of St. George is worth visiting.


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