Phrases of Saint Anthony of Padua: quotes, aphorisms


Aphorisms and phrases of Saint Anthony of Padua, quotations from sermons made famous by the notoriety of this saint's thoughts in prayers.

Aphorisms of Saint Anthony of Padua

- What we enjoy in the contemplation of God is ignited with warmth in the love of neighbor. Only in this way will our face shine like the sun.

- O rich, make the poor friends, welcome them to your homes: they will be the poor to welcome you to eternal tabernacles, where there is the beauty of peace, the confidence of security, and the opulent quiet of eternal satiety.

- Nature has placed in front of the tongue like two doors, that is, teeth and lips, to indicate that the word must not come out except with great caution.

- Nature generates us poor, naked we come into the world, naked we die. It was the malice that created the rich, and those who crave to become rich stumble into the trap set by the devil.

- The Virgin Mary was a blazing sun in the angel's announcement, it was a shining rainbow in the conception of the Son of God, it was pink and lily in the birth of him.

- Patience is the bulwark of the soul, and controls and defends it from any disturbance.

- The breath of life is the grace of the Holy Spirit, and when God infuses it into the face of the soul, there is no doubt that the soul rises from death to life.

- Charity is the soul of faith, it makes it alive. Without love, faith dies.

Quotes of Saint Anthony of Padua

- Morning star is the Virgin Mary who dissolved the gloomy darkness and, to those who stood in darkness, in the morning of grace announced the sun of justice.

- The Christian must lean on the Cross of Christ as the wayfarer leans on the stick when he undertakes a long journey.

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- If there is no patience in the altar of our heart, the wind will come to disperse the sacrifice of good works. Where patience is not lost, unity is preserved.

- If you preach Jesus, he melts hard hearts; if you invoke him, you will sweeten bitter temptations; if you think so, it lights up your heart; if you read it, he will satiate your mind.

- Whoever preaches the truth professes Christ. On the other hand, those who preach the truth in preaching deny Christ.

- Convert to God and the earth will always be at peace with you.

- The culmination of the perfection of the Blessed Virgin Mary was charity, for which she is seated in the most exalted place, she is clothed in the most radiant glory which has neither beginning nor end.

- Whoever gives to Christ accumulates treasures in heaven. And he gives to Christ who gives to the poor.

Phrases of Saint Anthony of Padua

- The saints in this caliginous place shine like the stars of the firmament. And as footwear defends the feet, so the examples of the saints defend our soul, making us capable of trampling on the suggestions of the devil and the seductions of the world.

- The Spirit of the Lord is the spirit of poverty. The strong are the poor, who do not waver in prosperity or adversity.

- Two things, the love of God and neighbor, make man perfect.

- The sweetness of contemplation, which springs from love for the Creator, is more precious than any wealth, and nothing of what one could desire fears confrontation with it.

- The great danger of the Christian is to preach and not practice, believe but not live in accordance with what is believed.

- Wisdom dominates the one who does not attribute it to himself, but to God, and who lives in accordance with what he preaches.

- The preaching is effective, it has its own eloquence, when the works speak. Unfortunately we are rich in words and empty of works, and so we are cursed by the Lord, because He cursed the fig tree in which he found no fruit, but only leaves.

-Thank you, Holy Father, because in this birth of your Son, blessed Jesus, which is celebrated in the middle of winter, you have given us a spring time, full of every enchantment.

- Just as lightning strikes from the clouds, so wonderful works emanate from the holy preachers. Lightning strikes when miracles flash from the preachers; lightning returns when preachers do not attribute their strong deeds to themselves, but to the grace of God.

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