Phrases on teeth and dentists: funny aphorisms


Collection of funny phrases about teeth, aphorisms about dentists, humorous quotes and thoughts on toothache and dental or dental hygiene care.

Aphorisms on the teeth

- Life is like the waiting room of a dentist, who helps you find strength by thinking that there is always someone who is worse off than you.

- If the tooth you remove the pain you will lose.

- The dentist can be compared to a magician, since after operating in your mouth he can pull many coins out of your pockets.

- The tongue often beats right where the tooth hurts.

- Blessed are those who speak animatedly with dumb people because they will be called dentists.

- If you are unlucky even a teaspoon of jam is enough to break your teeth.

- If a patient cannot clean his teeth by passing the dental floss every day, no dentist can do it remotely in his place.

- Whoever finds bread has no teeth, whoever has teeth does not eat bread.

- Some tortures have a physical character, others instead belong to the psychological category: a session at the dentist belongs to both types.

- Many boys despite having straight teeth lack moral standards.

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  • Phrases on teeth and dentists: funny aphorisms

- If suffering were the bearer of wisdom, the dentist's office would overflow with illuminating ideas.

- My aunt has many of those caries in her mouth that she speaks whistling.

- In a dentist's room there is an aquarium with a piranha inside: a sign invites you to put your finger in the water to experience the pleasure of eating with such sharp teeth.

- Miss Colgate is changing her breath, then she will smile at you showing off her shiny dentist-proof white teeth.

- The toothbrush does not eliminate a semester of tartar half an hour before the appointment with the dentist.

- I remind you that changing the toothbrush every three months is one of the requests of dentists.

Phrases about dentists

- The mouth without jaw teeth is like a mill without a millstone, which is why a healthy tooth is much more precious than a diamond.

- Think about smiling and, if you still have all your teeth, the world will smile to you.

- For some it is enough to have pain in their teeth to doubt the goodness of the Creator.

- It happened that the only time life smiled at me had parsley in my teeth.

- There has never been a philosopher capable of meekly enduring toothache.

- At the time of the aperitif in the hotel, the ladies present smiled broadly showing the strings of ham stuck between their teeth.

- If you have thirty-four teeth it means that you are like a leap year.

- This morning my consort scolded our children so violently because they hadn't brushed their teeth: that's why, in doubt, I thought it better to brush them again.

- I informed my dentist that one hundred and sixty euros to extract a tooth are many, as it only takes five minutes of work. This is why he slowly removed my tooth to justify the fee requested.

- If you do not brush your teeth today it doesn't matter, it means that you will wash them tomorrow: however, be aware that being regular in cleaning your teeth avoids big problems and saves on the dentist's expenses.

- I pointed out to my dentist that he had yellow teeth. So he replied to me to try wearing a brown tie.

- We are all very similar in front of the dentist, but it is possible to say with certainty that there is no dentist like the other.

- Toothache sometimes starts on Friday evening, making it impossible to find a free dentist before Monday.

- After doing a thorough dental hygiene, the dentist cleaned my wallet.

Having noticed the splendor of her perfect teeth between her beautiful red lips, she felt an unstoppable desire to kiss her.

- A dentist when he removes a tooth from you gets to the root of your problem.

- The dentist is a person who earns with others' teeth implanted.

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