San Gaspare Bertoni: biography, thoughts of the saint from Verona


Biography of San Gaspare Bertoni according to the works accomplished in his life, illness and quotations from the sentences concerning the thoughts of this priest from Verona.

San Gaspare Bertoni biography

Priest of Verona, he founded in 1816 the congregation of the Stimmatini, which had as its purpose the formation of young people and the spiritual direction of seminarians.

San Gaspare Bertoni was also spiritual director of the work of Santa Maddalena di Canossa, founder of the Institute of the Daughters of Charity, and of the Venerable Leopoldina Naudet, founder of the Institute of the Sisters of the Holy Family.

He was a friend of the poor, the sick and inmates, always turned to prayer and penance, following an ecstasy in front of the Crucifix, he was struck by chronic miliary tuberculosis which led him almost to death.

He recovered almost by a miracle, but remained with a physique undermined by suffering, giving an example of great virtue, enduring with patience, completely abandoned in the hands of God. "I need to suffer" were his last words.

Thoughts of the saint

- Let's trust in God that it's a nice trust.

- Let us completely entrust ourselves to God, and let Him, who can do everything, take care of us.

- We leave space for God to act. He knows what there is to do and how to do it. We leave everything to the Lord, because He has arranged all things well.

- Imagine seeing Christ as he appeared to His disciples, alive and resplendent, with the signs of His wounds, and inviting you to heaven.

- God does not want anything within us to oppose His will, nothing, not even the last of desires.

- We must offer our attention not only to the few people around us, but to the whole world with our prayers, interceding for the good of the whole world.

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- If we listen to God and direct our spirit, our mind, and our heart towards Him, we will come to know the truth, and we will walk in it as in a great light.

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