San Severino Marche: what to see


What to see in San Severino Marche, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Piazza del Popolo, Palazzo Gentili, Chiesa della Misericordia and Duomo Vecchio.

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With an older part dating back to Roman times, San Severino Marche is located in the Marche region in the province of Macerata.

The city center consists of Piazza del Popolo, dating back to the thirteenth century and characterized for the most part by arcades, overlooked by the Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Gentili and Teatro Feronia, the latter built on a project by Aleandri, architect local.

The fourteenth-century Chiesa della Misericordia, reworked in the eighteenth century, has an interior where three paintings by Pomarancio and frescoes by Lorenzo Salimbeni, a native artist of the place, are carried out in the fifteenth century.

The Church of San Giuseppe has a rococo-style facade, with a high bell tower next to it.

The New Cathedral, rebuilt several times, shows original elements exclusively in the facade and in the Gothic terracotta portal.

The Palazzo Tacchi-Venturi, dating back to the fifteenth century, houses the Archaeological Museum and the Pinacoteca.

The museum contains remnants of the Roman Septempeda, prehistoric weapons, a mosaic from the first century BC. and grave goods.

The Pinacoteca preserves extensive evidence relating to the work of the Salimbeni brothers and their school, as well as paintings by Pinturicchio and other painters.

What see

In the Church of San Lorenzo in Doliolo, dating back to the eleventh century, there are fourteenth-century traces of the Gothic bell tower, at the base of which there is the Romanesque access portal.

Inside this cult building, divided into three naves, there are remarkable paintings by Pomarancio, while in the crypt you can admire fifteenth-century frescoes, made by the Salimbeni brothers.

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The Church of San Paolo al Ponte, in neoclassical style and small in size, has an interesting semicircular interior, designed according to the Aleandri design.

The Porta delle Sette Cannelle, dating back to the fourteenth century, introduces into the village, or the historical center of the town, also called Castello.

The Old Cathedral, built in the 11th century, includes a 14th century facade and a bell tower from the same period.

Inside there are frescoes by Salimbeni and a remarkable fifteenth-century choir made of carved wood.

On the left of the Cathedral is the interesting fifteenth-century cloister.

San Severino Marche - tutto in una piazza (August 2021)

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