Santa Maria di Castellabate (Campania): what to see


What to see in Santa Maria di Castellabate, what are the most beautiful beaches, itinerary including the main places of interest, including Torre Perrotti, Palazzo Belmonte and Sanctuary of Santa Maria a Mare.

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Greater fraction of the municipality of Castellabate in the province of Salerno, Santa Maria di Castellabate is located within the Cilento National Park and is home to the protected marine area of ​​the same name.

The inhabited center, developed between Piazza Matarazzo and Piazza Lucia, extends mainly along the coast, where the Pozzillo beach, Marina Piccola beach and Punta dell’Inferno beach are located, which are the best beaches in the area.

Along the coast you can see some sighting towers, including the Torre della Pagliarola, nicknamed Torre Perrotti as it belongs to the Baronial Palace of the same name.

Other elegant palaces located in the area include Palazzo Belmonte and Villa Matarazzo, home to the Cilento Park and the Sea Museum.

What see

Near the beach of Marina Piccola is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria a Mare, dating back to 1836 and built on a previous chapel, which has an interior with three naves and an interesting hexagonal bell tower.

The choice to dedicate the religious building to Santa Maria a Mare, originates from the religious sentiment of the many families from Maiori, following the eighteenth-century emigration wave, who were very devoted to the cult of the Madonna practiced in their hometown.

The nineteenth-century villa Matarazzo was used as a summer residence for Count Francesco, who emigrated to Sorocaba in Brazil in 1881.

The residential building, located between Corso Matarazzo, Piazza Matarazzo and the promenade, is surrounded by lots of greenery and various fields that once housed the family's vineyard.

The U Travierso marina, also called Porto delle Gatte, has a characteristic structure dating back to the eleventh century, consisting of a series of arches inside which the warehouses used for storing goods were located.

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