Soft Florentine Schiacciata


How to make real flattened fiorentina flan, original recipe with the same process used in pastry, few ingredients required, orange flavor with vanilla aroma, easy for everyone to make.

Ingredients for 6 people

- Flour 300 g

- Sugar 150 g

- Butter 100 g

- An egg

- Little milk

- An orange

- A sachet of vanilla

- A sachet of baking powder

- A sachet of saffron

- Little salt

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- Vanilla sugar

How to make soft Florentine Schiacciata

Beat the egg with the sugar and add the melted butter, the yeast, the orange juice and its grated zest, a little milk and a pinch of salt.

Mix well and add the flour.

Grease and flour a rectangular pan and pour into the mixture (it must be about 2 centimeters high).

Bake in the medium oven for about half an hour.

Leave to cool and sprinkle with vanilla sugar.

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