Torralba (Sardinia): what to see


What to see in Torralba, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Nurago Santu Antine and the interesting museum of the nuraghi valley.

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Located in the province of Sassari, Torralba is located in the interior of Sardinia in the center of the geographical area called Logudoro.

Various nuraghi, or particular constructions having a conical trunk shape and dating back to the nuralgic civilization, which developed in Sardinia in the period between 1800 BC. (bronze age) and 200 BC (Roman era), testify to ancient human settlements.

When it became Roman, Torralba became part of the Giudicato of Logudoro in the eleventh century.

The Santu Antine nuraghe is located in the Nuraghi valley 4 km from the town, in the area where the largest number of megalithic buildings are present, and is an excellent example of this type of construction, especially thanks to the particular construction complexity.

The central tower, dating back to 1500 BC, was later protected by a triangular bastion with three towers, to which the Romans added other buildings.

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Not far away is a masonry hut, equipped with slits and internally divided by stone slabs.

In addition to the small atrium, from the courtyard with well you can access the various rooms.

Around it an ambulatory develops, while a staircase leads to the two upper floors, of which only a few remains are visible.

In the Torralba museum there are numerous archaeological finds, found in the Nuraghi valley and in Santu Antine.

Among the exhibits there are stone bullets, work tools and kitchen utensils, which tell some of the life habits of the Nuragic civilization.

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The historic center of Torralba shows a typical medieval structure, characterized by stone houses and narrow alleys.

Noteworthy are the church of Santa Croce and the seventeenth-century church dedicated to Sant'Antonio.

The parish church of Torralba, dedicated to San Pietro Apostolo and dating back to the seventeenth century, is a Gothic-style construction, made of limestone and containing inside an interesting wooden altar, statues of saints and various works of art.

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