What does anorexia mean? Causes, associated disorders and therapy


What does anorexia mean, causes that cause this type of disorder, what does it entail and treatments to heal from this complicated morbid condition.

Meaning of anorexia

It is a morbid condition in which the person suffering from it has a strong reduction or total disappearance of appetite.

The causes of anorexia can derive from diseases of the digestive system, neurological disorders, diets followed for too long and anemias.

But very often anorexia is the consequence of disorders that fall within the psychological sphere of the subject, in this case we speak of mental anorexia, a typology that mainly affects women.

The main signs of this disease are loss of appetite and total refusal of food. In many cases, the affected person initially hides this repulsion for food from family members, which is sometimes alternated by moments in which bulimia prevails, that is, the sense of having excessive hunger, which leads to eating outside. every limit, consequently causing episodes of vomiting.

The severe weight loss that results from anorexia initially leads to the display of good health and hyperactivity, and this delays the moment when family members and close people manage to become aware of the problem.

The recommended therapy, in the most serious cases, is that of leaving the family environment, followed by the start of a good individual psychotherapy, in most cases the use of drugs is not useful.

Anorexia nervosa - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology (September 2022)

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