Abano Terme (Veneto): what to see


What to see in Abano Terme, itinerary including the main places of interest, including the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Villa Bassi, the Civic Museum and the Abbey of Praglia.

Tourist information

Located in the province of Padua, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, Abano Terme represents one of the major Italian spas.

Since Roman times the town was very popular to benefit from the radioactive waters gushing from the sources of Montirone at a temperature of 87 ° C and from the care of the mud.

This type of spa treatment is useful in arthro-rheumatic and gynecological diseases, as well as in neuritis and gout.

The numerous spas present, which are located inside hotel structures, allow to guarantee a wide receptivity.

In the town, which is predominantly modern in structure and where there are well-kept tree-lined avenues, there is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, rebuilt in the eighteenth century by Cerato, with a 14th-century terracotta bell tower with a spire and frescoed interior.

In the surrounding area there are some elegant villas that deserve to be seen, including Villa Bassi-Rathgeb, home of the Civic Museum, Villa Cittadella-Vigodarzere and Villa Rigoni-Savioli.

What see

In the central square of Abano Terme, a polychrome marble sundial makes a fine show.

About six kilometers from the center is the Praglia Abbey, a monastery founded in 1080 and rebuilt in the fifteenth century.

The complex is composed of the Church of the Assumption and the monastery.

The Church has a remarkable tripartite Renaissance style interior with a barrel vault, embellished with various paintings, among which those of Palma il Giovane are highlighted.

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The main altar is surmounted by a painted wooden crucifix.

Outside you can admire the fourteenth-century bell tower.

The monastery includes fifteenth-century cloisters, of which, worthy of note are the botanical cloister, with remarkable two-color double-lancet windows, the hanging cloister, characterized by a beautiful loggia which gives access to the refectory and enriched by nine paintings by the painter Zelotti, as well as a fresco from the mountain and an eighteenth-century carved wooden choir, and the double cloister, which leads to the library.

Abano Terme - Passeggiata serale in centro, zona pedonale (September 2022)

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