January 15: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day January 15 is San Mauro, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Mauro

About San Mauro we know that he was a monk who lived in the sixth century, abbot of the Benedictine Order and main disciple of Benedetto da Norcia together with San Placido.

The few information received is mainly due to the stories of Pope Gregory the Great, reported in one of his dialogues.

When Benedetto da Norcia left the abbey of Subiaco for that of Montecassino, Mauro was his successor taking on the position of abbot.

Sensational episodes are attributed to San Mauro, such as walking on the water and chasing away demons.

The most famous story, which is also mentioned in the Golden Legend of Jacopo da Varagine, is the one where it is told that, when the monk Placido fell into a lake near the monastery, Benedetto urged Mauro to run to the aid of the young companion, this action was accomplished with a prodigious walk on the water.

Some sources declare his presence near Alatri, in the place where the Protocenobio di San Sebastiano was located.

A tradition that spread in the ninth century, however, handed down that Mauro founded a convent in Glanfeuil, France, where he introduced the Benedictine Rule.

From this came the name "Maurini" taken by the French Benedictine congregation born in 1618.

Other saints and celebrations of January 15

  • Sant’Ableberto (Emeberto)
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Angelo da Gualdo Tadino
  • Hermit

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