Psalm 52: complete, commentary


CommentThis psalm opens with a question that has the purpose of making a rich and powerful dishonest reflect on how absurd his position is, on what benefit he can do by doing evil. How can he openly show off what he should instead feel great shame about. The wicked has no morality and lives on lies, his purpose is to harm others, his words are like a sword that pierces, believes he is strong but does not know that God will demolish him forever.

Psalm 52 complete

[1] To the choir master. Maskil. Di Davide.

[2] After the Idumeo Doeg came to Saul to inform him and say to him: "David has entered Abimelech's house."

[3] Why do you boast of evil or bullying in your iniquity?

[4] Order pitfalls every day; your tongue is like a sharp blade, deceiver.

[5] You prefer evil to good, lie to sincere speaking.

[6] Love every word of ruin, or tongue of imposture.

[7] Therefore God will tear you down forever, break and tear you from the tent and uproot you from the land of the living.

[8] Seeing, the righteous will be seized with fear and laugh at him:

[9] "Here is the man who did not place his defense in God, but trusted in his great wealth and made himself strong in his crimes."

[10] I, on the other hand, as a green olive tree in the house of God. I abandon myself to the faithfulness of God now and forever.

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[11] I want to thank you forever for what you have done; I hope in your name, because it is good, in front of your faithful.

Psalm 52 • When creepy people enter your life (August 2022)

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